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keann wes 16KeAnn Wilson (L) and Wesley Mullett (R) were selected by Mrs. Ahern to participate in the Memory Project, a program created by Ben Schumaker to help orphaned and refugee children have a memory of their childhood created by an American art student. These children do not have the luxury to take a “selfie” or a means to capture their memories.

This year’s children are refugees from Syria. The Syrian people have suffered greatly during the past five years of their country’s civil war. These children and their parents have been displaced from their communities, homes and special belongings. They live in refugee camps on Syria’s border. In the camps, they’ve lived for years in makeshift tents and shelters, being kept alive by the donated food of foreign governments and aid agencies. There are countless children who do not remember any other existence.

KeAnn and Wesley were given a photograph of a child to draw their portrait. The portraits will be hand delivered to the children by Ben Schumaker. For these children, receiving the portraits KeAnn and Wesley have created, will be a very special, fun, and meaningful event--not only adding color to the monotony of the camp, but also helping to show that people far away care about their well-being. Thank you, KeAnn and Wesley, for giving your talents to this special cause.    November 2016