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Beth McCorkle at Oak Hill Elementary School (phone 740-682-7096).

Karen Spees at Oak Hill Middle/High School (phone 740-682-7055).

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High Five Scholarships and Test Prep Help

  • Millions of Scholarships
  • Free ACT and SAT Practice Tests and Stategy Guides
  • Get More Scholarships!
  • Get Higher Test Scores!
  • Find Scholarships that match your goals, interests and personal characteristics.

High Five Scholarships gives students millions of scholarship opportunities and now is also helping them improve their SAT & ACT test scores.

High Five is giving all students free SAT & ACT online practice tests, free SAT & ACT strategy guides and big discounts on test prep courses. Every practice test is graded by a real grader (free of charge) and students also receive a free score consultation with a test expert. 

Visit to start getting help today with scholarships and test prep!


The Official SAT Question of the Day App for iPhones and iPads

Can you answer today's SAT question? 

Tease your brain with real SAT questions and SAT preparation materials from the test maker.  With the question of the day application, you can answer a real SAT question each day!  You can access questions from the past weeks as well.  A complete explanation of the correct answer is provided with each question, so you know exactly how to solve the problem. 

Download this app today so you will be ready for the SAT or other standardized college entrance tests!  

On the iPhone/iPad app site go to the Official SAT Question of the Day and download for free!

New! ACT App

ACTStudent for iPhone and iPod touch helps users anticipate and manage the ACT Test experience.  Using the "Practice" feature, students can attempt answers to practice items and gain feedback from their attempts.  "Account" allows users to log in for limited, read-only access to their own registration and score information.  Accessing the link to ACT's mobile site, users can find straightforward answers to typical questions test takers have about events leading up to the test and the test day itself. 

For more information, go to .

Text Alerts and Messages

alert buttonText alerts are available for school closings, delays, early dismissals, emergencies, and general announcements. These are in addition to automated phone calls currently sent during inclement weather. Click here for more info.

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