For assistance, contact our Guidance Counselors:
Beth McCorkle at Oak Hill Elementary School (phone 740-682-7096).

Karen Spees at Oak Hill Middle/High School (phone 740-682-7055).

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Need Help With Studying?

Students!~~ Do you need help with studying? ~~ Do you want to learn techniques to help you learn material more easily?~~  Do you need help with writing a composition or any type of paper?~~  If so, check out this website for help: .  This site is an online study guide to help you succeed in all areas of the curriculum. Check it out!

FAFSA PIN Information


Sign up for a FAFSA PIN before filling out a FAFSA application. Doing so avoids the time delays that would occur after applying for the FAFSA using actual signatures and sending it in via snail mail. Utilizing a FAFSA PIN reduces the amount of time taken for the application process. To apply for a FAFSA PIN, go to and select "Apply For A PIN" located in the left menu. Have on hand your social security number, email address and an easily remembered, but not obvious, four-digit number to use as your PIN.

After applying for and activating the FAFSA PIN, you will be able to use it to sign the FAFSA application only. Once the information supplied is verified by the Social Security Administration within one to three days, the FAFSA PIN can be used to access other student financial aid sites and to edit the student aid report.


Getting your driver's license?  Here's a great resource for you!

AAA is offering a suite of driver training resources and tools that are geared to help teens and their families - before, during and after the licensing process.  The program is called Keys2Drive and can be found at this website: 

Useful College Planning Sites

  • Braintrack ( Great web resource to learn about specific colleges both internationally and in the US.
  • Going to College ( This website contains information about living college life with a disability. It is designed for high school students. The site provides video clips, activities, and resources that can help them get a head start in planning for college. Video interviews with college students with disabilities offer a way to hear firsthand from students with disabilities who have been successful. Modules include activities that will help students explore more about themselves, learn what to expect from college, and equip them with important considerations and tasks to complete when planning for college. [Going to College is funded by a grant with the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (# H324M030099A)]
  • College Planning ( Great site for tips to help plan for and select colleges. Keep track of your application materials with the College Checklist!
  • Christian College Search ( Looking for a Christian college?
  • 100 Hot Higher Education Sites (
  • US News and World Report ( Rankings, Fiske reports, and a whole lot more.
  • College Rankings ( Interesting, but always beware of putting too much stock into rankings!
  • More College Search and Info Sites Xap (
  • CollegeView (
  • Colleges with Programs for Students with Learning Disabilities ( Resource to find colleges with strong LD programs.
  • National Association for College Admission Counseling ( This great site for the college bound provides you student rights and responsibilities, planning information, and countless other useful tidbits.
  • Disabilities and Post Secondary Opportunities ( Information about the college selection process for students with disabilities.
  • Military Careers ( Links to various military careers.
  • Careers ( How to guide for resumes, interviews, internships, and a great career search

Text Alerts and Messages

alert buttonText alerts are available for school closings, delays, early dismissals, emergencies, and general announcements. These are in addition to automated phone calls currently sent during inclement weather. Click here for more info.

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