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Class of 1934


Austin Alban
Roy Lewis Allen
Almeda W. Bicksler
Anise Marie Bowman
Marguerite Elizabeth Boyd
Charles Harold Bowman
Virgil Irvin Brady
Clarence Brown
Mary Margaret Carpenter
H. Stanley Circle
Edison Coleman
Melvin M. Conn
William Morris Cox
D. Hillborn Davis
Gladys Ellen Dunn
Melvin H. Dunn
Virginia Louise Edwards
Morgan Emerson Elcess
Weldon C. Faulkner
Martha Bernice Griffiths
Martha Mildred Griffiths
Margaret Ruth Heading
J. Glendon Herbert
Charles LeRoy Hiett
Wayne Leonard Horton
Edward Hayden Hughes
William Howard Hughes
Howard Jones Jenkins
John Everett Jones
Morris Donavon Jones
Pauline Jones
Melba Kathryn Kinnison
Wallace B. Kirkpatrick
James Howard Kiser
Harold J. Lambert
Jennie Margaret Lewis
Lewis Parry Lloyd
Edward E. Martin
Blake Rolland Moon
Elza Melvin Moore
Edward E. Morgan
Margaret Sarah Morgan
Myron E. Morgan
Wilma Elizabeth Myers
Thomas Ford Phillips
Lyendle Searls
Lowell Stewart Shaffer
Lottie Esther Smith
Herman R. Staton
Margaret H. Tope
Denver Paul Walke
Darlene Ward
Paul Morgan Washburn
David E. Williams
Dorothy E. Williams
Maxine Ruth Williams
J. Ray Wolf
Robert Dale Yates
John H. Yeager
*Names obtained from non-school sources.

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