span17 Chase Ella Cole Mariahspan17 Dalton Madison Rileigh Colespan17 Morgan Bailey Cameron LaikaStudents in Mr. Loomis's Spanish III and Spanish IV classes constructed a variety of piñatas.


  span17 Abbi Leighton HunterAbbi Trisch, Leighton Maynard, and Hunter Fleming


span17 Caleb Daniel MitchellCaleb Johnson, Daniel Stewart, and Mitchell Hale


span17 Chase Ella Cole MariahChase Egerton, Ella Harrison, Cole Harrison, and Mariah Smith


span17 ChristianChristian Ramsey


span17 Collin ShaniahCollin Hammond and Shaniah Thomas


span17 Dalton Madison Rileigh ColeDalton Lewis, Madison Dean, Rileigh Swingle, and Cole Hanning


span17 Lexi Emma ChelseaLexi Reese, Emma Jordan, and Chelsea Clutters


span17 Miranda Amber MorganMiranda Shirk, Amber Fox, and Morgan Lahrmer


span17 Morgan Bailey Cameron LaikaMorgan Hubbard, Bailey Ward, Cameron Hendricks, and Laika Myers


span17 Nicole Abbi CarleeNicole Love, Abbi Hubbard, and Carlee Dempsey


span17 Tyler ShaeTyler Rice and Shae Hammond

March 2017

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