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Mrs. Hamilton’s Family and Consumer Science Career Search class hosted Dawn Richards, SOMC Community Health Nurse, for a stress reduction session. Nurse Dawn engaged students about stress inducing actions and foods. Students learned stress was a part of life, yet management techniques can help us through difficult situations. She encouraged positive thinking, relaxation, and even exercise as coping measures.

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Students in Mr. Loomis's Spanish III and Spanish IV classes constructed a variety of piñatas.

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Josie VancoHealthy Living classes would like to thank Josie Vanco, 2015 Ohio Beef Ambassador and pre-vet student at Colorado State University, for the Ohio Beef Council presentation on the beef industry throughout the state of Ohio.

The program entitled “Beefonomics” is designed to teach students where their beef comes from, how it is raised, how to prepare it, and how it fits into a healthy diet. Miss Vanco and student volunteers prepared a healthy beef recipe utilizing one of the 29 lean beef cuts. Everyone was able to sample the delicious beef sirloin with multi colored peppers and brown rice.

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toboggans1 15deere1 15Family and Consumer Science students enrolled in Manage Transitions discussed values and resources that support lifestyle goals, effective use of time, stress management, and personal finance issues. They concluded the semester by developing their hand sewing skills. Many of the students have never sewn before and welcomed the new challenge. The project of choice was a simple fleece hat. Pattern layout, pinning, cutting and stitching skills were used. Whether the toboggans were given to a friend or are being worn, the kids were proud to complete their first project. These same students completed many of the recycled sweater dog beds that were donated to the pound.

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