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ffa judging16Oak Hill FFA members had the opportunity to judge in their respective Career Development Events (CDE's) on April 2nd. 

Students that participated in the Milk Quality and Products team are Tomi Kelly, AJ Meldick, Gwen Erwin, and Colin Hughes.  This team placed 11th overall in the state. During the contests, the students identified different milk quality issues and determined how significant of a problem that issue was with each milk sample, conducting eight California Mastitis Tests (CMT) to determine somatic cell counts in the milk samples, identify and describe several samples of cheese, and lastly students took a test over milk quality products and marketing.
Our Poultry Management team also had a good day of judging as they finished 18th overall in the state.  Team members include Morgan Lahrmer, Connor Hughes, Josie Hackney, and Brady Price.  Students in this CDE graded the exterior of eggs, interior of eggs through candling, grade poultry carcasses and then evaluated several classes of live poultry, and took a test over poultry production.

Another difficult contest was the General Livestock judging contest, where our team finished 21st overall in the state. Team members include Caden Harden, Chase Dickens, Carlee Dempsey, Bailey Ward, Michael Adkins, Kyler Hudson and Keyan Jenkins.  Students evaluated livestock in breeding and marketing classes of cattle, goats, sheep and swine.
The equine management team placed 66th overall in the state. The team includes Collin Hammond, Tre Blevins, and Kendall Hammond.  

There are 300+ schools with FFA chapters in Ohio.  These schools are able to showcase their students and their abilities to evaluate and judge in their respective CDE areas.  Congratulations to the Oak Hill FFA on a more successful year and look forward to contests to come, as our students continue to learn and improve for the upcoming contests.

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