Honor Society Induction

nhs cl17 17Senior members of the National Honor Society were given their graduation stoles for membership in the National Honor Society.

Pictured: Carlee Dempsey, Chase Dickens, Nicole Love, Abigail Hubbard, Troy Moore, Gregory Kiser, Nick Jenkins, Hannah DeHart, Morgan Lahrmer, Riley Kuhn, Jaymen Travis, Tyler Rice, Wesley Mullett, Shane Spriggs, Morgan Bates, Amber Fox, Peyton Ahern, Erin Canter, Miranda Shirk, Gabrielle Jacobs, and Chelsea Clutters.  Mr. Bryce Werntz is the advisor.

The National Honor Society also inducted the Class of 2018 into the chapter.

nhs cl18 17Pictured: Cole Hanning, Morgan Hubbard, Tori Leonard, Laika Myers, Daniel Stewart, Bailey Ward, Mitchell Hale, Austin Detty, Collin Hammond, Hunter Fleming, Mariah Smith, Brooke Burton, Abby Belcher, Nolan Carroll, Hunter McCorkle, Landon Carroll, Caleb Johnson, Madison Dean, Brianna McNeal, Hailey Paulins, Shannon French, Katelyn Smith, Gabe Stickland, Dalton Lewis, Toree Kisor, and Kailee Sites.     April 2017

Text Alerts and Messages

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