jenna josie may16isaac b may16lora m may16Congratulations to 3rd graders Jenna Holloway and Josie McCain, who both have achieved 25 miles walked in the OHES Walking Oaks Club. Fourth grader Isaac Boggs has reached 75 miles walked, and 5th grader Lora Moore has achieved 50 miles, too. Pictured (L-R) Jenna, Josie, Isaac, and Lora. Great job, students!     May 2016

courtney R apr16Kaydee100 4 16allison R may16macy b may16isaac b 100may16Pictured (L-R) are 5th graders Courtney Rawlins, Kaydee Johnson, Alison Ratliff, Macy Bell and 4th grader Isaac Boggs. Courtney is the first OHES Walking Oaks Club member to reach 100 miles walked this school year. Kaydee is the second club member to achieve 100 miles. Alison, Macy, and Isaac have now walked 100 miles, too!     May 2016

EKH apr16For the final Active Acorns meeting for the 2015-2016 school year and as part of the OHES celebration of Every Kid Healthy™ Week, SOMC Community Wellness Nurse Dawn Richards made a return visit to speak about healthy living tips.

Read more: "Every Kid Healthy Week"

macy b apr16Congratulations to our latest 75 mile walker, 5th grade student Macy Bell. For her efforts, she received a fitness jump rope and water bottle. Great job, Macy! The OHES Walking Oaks Club is sponsored by the Jackson County Health Department and Southern Ohio Medical Center, and it encourages students to walk at recess and at home.     April 2016

makayla d apr16Congratulations to 5th grader Makayla Dearth for achieving the 25 Mile Level in the OHES Walking Oaks Club. She received the club t-shirt for her efforts. Makayla is pictured holding her completed 25 Mile Punch Card. Great job, Makayla!     April 2016

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