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Walking Oaks Achievers

c burchett dec18m boggs dec18Congratulations to OHES 4th grade students Chloe Burchett (L) and Matthew Boggs (R) for their achievements in the Walking Oaks Club. Chloe has reached 50 miles walked, and Matthew has achieved 25 miles walked. Great job, students!     December 2018

B & G Auto Sales Donates

bgauto dec18Oak Hill Elementary would like to thank B & G Auto Sales of Oak Hill for their donation, which helped to purchase shoes and socks for students at OHES. Thank you!!!!     December 2018

Browns Backers Donate

OHES shoesandsocks18Oak Hill Elementary would like to thank the Jackson County Browns Backers for their donation, which helped to purchase socks and shoes for students at OHES. Thank you!!!!!     December 2018

Active Acorns Fall Session

aa dec18The Active Acorns Fall Team had its final meeting for 2018. The 36 members enjoyed a variety of physical activities during the meeting, ones that encouraged teamwork and problem-solving. In January, the Active Acorns Winter Session begins, but the Fall Team members will participate in the Spring field trip and parents’ night activities as well.     December 2018

Walking Oaks Achievers

c burchett25 dec18a sturgill50 dec18Congratulations to 4th grade student Chloe Burchett (L) for achieving 25 miles walked in the OHES Walking Oaks Club and to 5th grader Ashton Sturgill (R) for achieving 50 miles walked. Chloe earned her club t-shirt and Ashton earned a water bottle for their efforts. The Walking Oaks is co-sponsored by the Jackson County Health Department and Holzer Health System. Great job, students!     December 2018

Veterans Day at OHES

OHES veterans18 2Oak Hill Elementary School would like to thank Scott Gilliland and his family for the presentation he gave about his time served in the US Army and National Guard. Scott graduated from Oak Hill High School in 1997.

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Text Alerts and Messages

alert buttonText alerts are available for school closings, delays, early dismissals, emergencies, and general announcements. These are in addition to automated phone calls currently sent during inclement weather. Click here for more info.

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